Sound Evacuation System

The SHX-200 audio evacuation system works with any fire alarm panel, and gives 200 watts of power to the speakers.

The system includes all the features needed to provide an efficient audio evacuation system. System settings can be configured specifically to meet the needs of most applications, thanks to the ability to add zoning, remote microphone boards, and expansion units.

The system has the power supply and its battery charger. 220 VAC wires should be extended to the control panel and also connected with spare batteries.

Duplicate DMR for digital messages built into the system. The ability to choose the features of the alert tone and repeated automatic messages, in addition to a delay of 6 hours to report an AC power failure in the same location.

The microphone for the recall is an essential part of the system. Removing the microphone from the control panel causes the locally reported “problem” status as well as through the fire alarm control panels.

The system is housed in an attractive rear or semi-recessed composite trunk, fitted with hinges, and a door that closes with a key.

  1. Clean Dead-front Construction
  2. Digitally Recorded Automatic Evacuation Message (Up to 4 Minutes of Message Capacity)
  3. 200 Watt Bullet-Proof Amplifier
  4. 25 or 70 VRMS Field Selectable
  5. 220 VAC Power Supply and Battery Charger
  6. Live Microphone Override of Message and Tone
  7. Analog Addressable Compatible
  8. High Reliability, No Maintenance, Fully Supervised
  9. Easy Installation and Operation
  10. Studio Quality Voice Recordings
  11. Built in Alarm and Alert Signals
  12. Up to 4 Minute Message Capacity
  13. Works with 12VDC or 24VDC Fire Alarm Panels
  14. Works with Microprocessor based and Networked Fire Alarm Systems
  15. 3 Minute Message Restart on Microphone Key
  16. 24 Hour Backup with two 12V 7AHr Batteries
  17. Made in the USA.