We Are Professional In Fire Alarm Services. Here You Will Find Everything You Need

  • Fire extinguishing systems

    Fire extinguishing systems, which include water-fire extinguishing systems, as well as foam fire extinguishing systems, as well as various fire extinguishing systems

  • Fire alarm systems

    The company provides all innovative fire alarm systems for companies and various government institutions.

  • Sound evacuation systems

    Evacuation system The voice evacuation systems are coined to evacuate a specific area in the event of a disaster during the work, and God does not stop working.

  • Various maintenance systems

    The Electronic Maintenance, Security and Safety Company offers a wide range of comprehensive annual maintenance contracts for firefighting equipment.

  • Gas detection systems

    Electronic gas detector is a device that detects the presence of leaks in the secured area. As a result, the source of the automatic gas is automatically separated.

  • Fire fighting equipment

    The company provides an integrated and diversified group of all special equipment for firefighting.

Our Services

c2-4-finalSupply & Installation Fire Pumps

c2-2Installing & Maintaining Alarm Networks

Maintenance Contracts For Facilities & Company’s

Sale Of Safety & Security Devices Equipment

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