Fire Alarm

Fire alarm is one of the important and necessary equipment to protect you and protect those around you, so we in the Electronic For Maintenance, Security And Safety gave priority to each individual or institution that wants to protect its facilities from fire, excitement and damage that cost a huge budget and funds for reconstruction and establishment and therefore For the safety of the people we offer the best products and the lowest prices because the main objective is to save the lives of individuals in the place and we must take the necessary precautions that reduce the occurrence of fire accidents before they occur and mitigate the damage caused to them.
And must provide an integrated system to inform the presence of the presence of fire and therefore designed detectors and alarms of various types and forms depending on the nature of sites and places that need a fire alarm panel and fire alarm detectors and alarm systems and wires and cables resistant to high temperatures

Electronic For Maintenance, Security And Safety offers you intelligent and conventional addressable fire alarm systems and independent system with automatic alarm systems and manual alarm systems, to shorten the time between the occurrence of fire and the time of detection by establishing a network of fire alarms be integrated and organized to get the full benefit They are compatible with other security systems on the site and linked through a software to maintain the facility

What are their prices, types and quantities?

1: Smoke detector used in corridors and rooms.

2: Heat detector is used in kitchens.

3: Optical heat smoke detector is used in electrical and air conditioning rooms and in places where there are machines.

4: Break glass fire alarm (Break Glass) used in entrances and stairs.

5: Gas detector.

6: Flame Picture Detector.