“About Us”

Electronic maintenance, security and safety company was established in November 2008 in Port Said, Egypt
The company aims to provide the highest level of quality For individuals & Facilities that it designs, supplies and installs all fire networks of all types in accordance with the American and European standards (UL _FM), as well as (NFPA) and networks (CO2) and FM200 and steam systems and networks Feeding systems and drainage networks.
We have the most talented and faithful staff from around the world, electronic maintenance, security and safety possessing technical personnel to carry out the required work consisting of talented and enthusiastic engineers and technicians. We are currently developing our systems to keep pace with the pace of development worldwide.
The motivation for continued success is “our passion for protection”. Our vision is to become the world’s number one provider of innovative solutions in protecting life, the environment and property.

“Our Mission”

Enabling customers and securing lives, property and businesses by providing innovative, high-quality solutions and knowledge for fire prevention using state-of-the-art manufacturing methods.

“Our vision”

To be the world’s number one provider of innovative solutions in the field of protecting lives, the environment and property.

“Our Partners”