Fire Extinguishing System

Whatever your business, wherever you are at work, ESS can design fire fighting systems to protect your team and your operations. Fire protection components include smoke detectors, heat and fire extinguishing systems whether with water, foam or gas, whether conventional or labeled system and their networks.
1- Fire pumps
Electronic For Maintenance, Security And Safety Company is one of the leading companies in the fire pump systems through its successful projects in Egypt.It can also design suitable solutions of fire extinguishing systems using fire pumps.It is a water pumps with special specifications used to push water to the fire fighting systems of pipes and sprinklers. … etc when needed, depending on the nature of these systems. Each pumping system includes an electric motor that runs pumps connected to a backup fire source to give 100% of the water needed to fight the fire.It also includes a JOCKEY auxiliary pump to maintain a constant level of pressure and to operate in place of the main fire fighting pump in small emergencies.
– The pumping system also includes a diesel engine that runs a range of other fire fighting pumps that give 100% of the water required to fight the fire so as to match the startup characteristics of the pumps according to the requirements of the network and the engines and transmission DRIVERS the ability to operate in rated capacities in the Egyptian airspace.
– The pumps are either horizontal or vertical centrifugal type.
2- Fire fighting systems using water system
– The company provides electronic security and fire protection systems that use ordinary water, it is converted into a spray with a pressure of 80-200 bar.
– These systems, which use water from the reservoirs of fire and turn it into a force of pressure from 7 bar to 11 bar.
Electronic For Maintenance, Security And Safety Company is a market leader for water extinguishing systems.
– With water spray systems .. Our primary goal is to protect people and property.
3- Fire fighting using carbon dioxide.
– Carbon dioxide is a heavy gas, it is heavier than oxygen and therefore land quickly on the burned area to cover and isolate oxygen, and has a high cold to help reduce the temperature and thus inhibit the combustion process.
– These cylinders are red, with a large nozzle, equipped with a pressure gauge, filled with compressed carbon dioxide gas in its liquid state and when in use rushes out of the cylinder in a gaseous state due to pressure drop.
– This type of extinguishing is the most suitable choice for extinguishing fires caused by flammable liquid materials and fires caused by electrical contact and is not used to extinguish type A fires. * Dry chemical powder extinguishers.
4. Fire fighting using FM200 gas.
– FM200 gas. It is colorless and odorless, suitable for both Class A fires (solids) and Class B (flammable) fires fluids.
– It is an effective factor in the protection of electrical hazards, such as computer rooms, server rooms, collectibles and storage rooms, etc.
5. Fire fighting using wet chemical liquid (foam)
– Foam is a group of small bubbles filled with air, consisting of aqueous solution, and these bubbles are characterized by being less dense than any liquid combustible or flammable, and also less dense than water, and is also able to adhere to the surface of the fuel liquid burning leading to separation of fuel For air, prevent fuel vapors from spiraling into ambient air, cooling the fuel to a lower temperature than the ignition temperature, and then to extinguish the fire.